Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use the chat option to discuss your thoughts among peers or helpdesk option in chatbox to raise any concerns. Additionally, you can also write your comments and send them to for resolution.

Yes, the progress is tracked for every user throughout their active online presence on the platform. This is done to monitor their course progress and to ascertain their eligibility for certificate.

Yes, you can access the course on both Android and iOS devices. You need to download the app ‘Staple Food Fortification’ from Google Playstore/App store. Upon successful login, you can access the entire course and specific chapters on your mobile device/tab. There is also an offline functionality available on the mobile app, where you can download a particular chapter and complete it offline. Progress gets sync when user is online again, marking the course progress and reflecting it under user’s profile.

Based on the learner category selected by the user at the time of registration, chapters are marked ‘Mandatory’ and ‘Optional’. In order to get the certificate, user needs to complete all the ‘Mandatory’ marked chapters and acquire minimum passing percentage in the assessment.

The extra material (videos and course related documents) to assist your learning can be accessed from the ‘Resources’ tab.

All the important features of the online learning platform are explained in the
It will guide you on all the steps that are required for navigating the online platform and access your course.

Yes, all the chapters within the course are available in four regional Indian languages. Apart from English, you can access the course in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. While you can choose any language to view a chapter, remember that course certificate will ONLY be generated after you have fully completed the course in one language.

No, once you register under a specific learner category by providing your basic information, you will not be able to change this at a later stage. Therefore, it is important to provide correct information at time of registration.

All course related updates will be communicated through app/online learning platform notifications. You will need to set your preference after logging in since these are not enabled by default.

There are different criteria for the certificate generation based on the selected learner category at time of registration. A certificate will be made available on completion of chapter(s) and attainment of min pass percentage in assessment(s). Users can click on the download certificate link to generate the certificate in pdf format.

There are four categories listed in the registration page and out of which you need to select the most suitable one. Here is the brief description of all the categories:

  • Industry: Individual working/engaged with edible oil industry at any level across different departments should select this category.
  • State FDA/FSSAI: Govt officials from State FDA and FSSAI should select this category.
  • Academia: Students, faculty and research scholars from educational institutes should select this category.
  • Others: Independent consultants, professionals from organisations working in fortification arena and any other individual interested to take up the course should select this category.

User needs to acquire minimum passing percentage of 80% in their assessment(s) to get the certificate.

There is no time limit set to complete the course.

You can write to us at with your query and we will get back to you.